NEET 2024 Controversy: Is Your Medical Dream on Hold? Paper Leak, Re-Exam & All You Need to Know

The much-awaited NEET 2024 results have been met with controversy, sparking anxieties among medical aspirants. Allegations of irregularities, paper leaks, and inflated marks cast a shadow over the entire process. Let's dissect the situation and see if a Re-NEET is on the horizon.

The Maelstrom of Allegations

  • Paper Leak: Rumors of leaked question papers swirled before and after the exam. While the National Testing Agency (NTA) maintains the exam's integrity, suspicions linger. However, reports of a center in Rajasthan distributing incorrect papers and students walking out with them raise questions. Did this incident compromise exam security in other centers?
  • Unusually High Marks: This year witnessed a significant rise in top scores. A record number of students (67) secured a perfect 720, and several others scored exceptionally high marks. The NEET marking scheme awards +4 for correct answers and deducts -1 for incorrect ones. This system makes scores like 718 or 719 mathematically improbable. The NTA attributed the high scores partly to "grace marks" awarded for lost exam time at some centers. However, the criteria and application of these grace marks remain unclear, creating suspicion of an uneven advantage.
  • Grace Marks Scrutiny: The award of grace marks to over 1500 students has come under fire, with accusations of inconsistency and a lack of transparency. The NTA hasn't provided a clear explanation of how grace marks were calculated or distributed. This opacity fuels concerns about favoritism or inconsistencies. 

Re-Exam: A Flickering Hope?

  • Student Petitions: Disgruntled students have filed petitions in the Supreme Court, demanding a re-examination due to the alleged irregularities.
  • NTA's Response: Despite the petitions, the NTA has declared there will be no re-exam for the 25 lakh students who participated.
  • Supreme Court's Stance: The Court, while refusing to halt the result declaration, has agreed to review the petitions. A final verdict is awaited.

The Road Ahead

  • Committee for Grace Marks Review: The NTA has formed a committee to investigate the awarding of grace marks, hopefully fostering transparency.
  • Court Decision Impact: The Supreme Court's verdict will be pivotal. It could uphold the results, order a re-examination, or mandate stricter regulations for future NEETs.

What Students Can Do

  • Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on the situation through official channels and reliable news sources.
  • Maintain Patience: The situation is evolving, so avoid getting discouraged.
  • Focus on the Future: Regardless of the outcome, continue your preparation for future opportunities in the medical field.

This controversy highlights the need for a robust and secure examination system. Student Patrika stands with all medical aspirants and urges the authorities to ensure a fair and transparent NEET process in the future.



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