We at Student Patrika invites applications on a rolling basis from the students for a part time or full time content creation internship. The Internship will be virtual or work from home. There’s no strict eligibility criteria to apply. If you possess good writing skills and know how to use Microsoft word; you can apply.

You can apply by sending us an email with the subject “Application for Internship” and attach your CV, sample articles, the duration for which you want to intern and your expectations from this internship.

On completion of the internship, you will be awarded an internship certificate and in case of exemplary performance, you can be offered a permanent position in our team. The internship will give you the opportunity to learn about online content management, online media entrepreneurship, editing and proof-reading, and enhance your marketing skills as well.

In case you want to apply for a permanent position directly, a PQE of minimum 2 years is required.
Also, for those who don’t want to intern but still want to be a part of Student Patrika, can simply submit their posts. Click here for the Guidelines.