COMPETITIVE EXAM:CUET 2023: How to Prepare for the Entrance Exam


Candidates must thoroughly read the syllabus in order to perform well in the CUET test. Aspirants must plan their activities on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. There can be no success without hard work, and in order to qualify for the entrance exam, candidates can prepare better by knowing which topics to cover in depth and which require only a cursory understanding of the material. The candidate can do so by following the guidelines listed below to complete the syllabus : 

1. Make a subject wise list of important topics based on previous years question papers.

2. Segregate the subjects and topics into easy and difficult as per personal experience.

3. Note down topics that will carry maximum weightage (as per previous year's question papers).

4. Include the challenging and unfamiliar material in your daily schedule, and make sure to review it frequently so you'll remember it on test day.



The questions are grade 12 level in terms of difficulty. Consequently, understanding the underlying ideas of the subject you have chosen will help you perform well on this section.

Also, you should pick classes that you find fascinating and look forward to studying in the morning. Try to answer MCQs from the NCERT textbooks that are of the easy, moderate, and tough levels.




General English by SP BAKSHI

Numerical Aptitude/Data Interpretation

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination by RS Aggarwal

Analytical Skills

Complete Mathematics by Lucent


Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning - Arihant

General Knowledge

NCERT Books class (6th-12th)

General Studies by McGraw Hill


1. Applicants must plan out which topics to cover when, which ones should be given top priority, and how much material to cover daily, weekly, and monthly. Candidates are recommended to make a daily schedule and to pay particular attention to finishing the CUET syllabus when creating a timetable. To improve preparation, review the curriculum and subject matter, and attempt as many practice exams as possible. A candidate might have a good notion of what to expect from the entrance exam through this.

2. Answering practice questions, sample papers, and mock examinations is the best approach for a candidate to identify their strengths and weaknesses. By this, candidates can also figure out the best technique to be followed when they walk out to attempt the actual CUET question paper. From formulating time management to comprehending the format of the question, solving sample papers can help individuals prepare better for the entrance exam.


There is nothing deemed difficult if you know and use the proper preparatory technique. It's not particularly difficult to pass the exam because CUET is in its developing phase. The CUET 2023 exam is not difficult to pass if you are eager and focused to crack it.



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